Our Platform

What is the Team Airdrie United Platform?

In order to have an effective city council, a common vision of what the citizens of Airdrie want their City to be must be shared by a majority of elected council members. The candidates of Team Airdrie United have varied opinions on several issues, but there are 3 specific initiatives that they all believe must be immediately pursued and successfully completed as soon as possible. They include:

24 Hour Healthcare

Airdrie, a city approaching 50,000 residents, still does not have a 24-hour emergency healthcare facility, nor does it have an adequate number of health professionals or diagnostic equipment. Airdrie United is dedicated to having the City take the lead role in working with the province as well as the City's business and volunteer sector to make 24-hour health care a reality for Airdrie's citizens.

Sensible Growth

The candidates of Airdrie United, strongly believe that Airdrie City Council must more effectively manage the City's growth. Rather than growing as fast as possible, approving overcrowded developments and saddling existing taxpayers with the majority of costs related to building needed infrastructure for these new communities, Airdrie United will support development policies that result in more green space & parks, wider streets, a diversity of housing including more larger lot sizes and yards for families, and will have developers pre-build the roads and services needed to accommodate residents in and around newly built communities.

Airdrie First

Council must always put the interests of Airdrie's residents first. That means improving traffic safety including placing left-hand turning signals by Boston Pizza and Nose Creek Elementary onto Yankee Valley Road. It's about negotiating a better deal for Airdrie within the Calgary Regional Partnership so we can implement the sensible growth policies our citizens want to see. And it means better listening and implementing the ideas of residents in planning how our City will be developed and improved. It's about putting the people of Airdrie first.